How to install WordPress on local server

How to install wordpress on Local server

There are two ways for WordPress local server Installation so one can Install WordPress on the local server or on their pc for development or for exploration. The user can install WordPress with XAMPP or by using Bitnami WordPress Stack this both are very easy to install and setup.

For this Tutorial, we’re going to use Bitnami WordPress Stacks for running the WordPress.

Just Install WordPress with everything default by doing this will reduce or eliminate any installation errors.

so let’s start with the installation.

Step 1:

Start WordPress Installation

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

an use any username and any email remember your username and password

Step 5:

As all above image showed how to install WordPress Graphically.

Step 6: accessing WordPress

So now We’re set and WordPress is ready for use.

Now find an application named Launch Bitnami WordPress Stack click on it.

it’ll open in your browser ( Chrome or Firefox recommended) window click

on Access WordPress you’ll find your Website ready.

Step 7: Logging in to WordPress

Now you’ll find your browsers address bar your local address something like  now just you have to change the link for Accessing the WordPress Dashboard just add wp-admin in your browsers link now it’ll look something like WordPress dashboard login app are now just enter your username and Password
If stuck somewhere or have any doubt about installing just comment below.
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