Why start Blog?

Why start a Blog

I always get ask that Why start Blog? And why I suggest everyone blog?

So if you’re reading this it’s pretty sure that you are thinking of Blogging. Here is the answer to the most asked question to me WHY BLOG?

Why start Blogging?

Blogging is one of the way you can express yourself or can share your knowledge with around 6 Billion people, not just that that as is also one of the good medium to earn as well, but Don’t Blog just to earn Money, many of you’ll say why not for money because if you’ll start something for money, you’ll earn money but won’t be successful, start blogging if you have an action plan for it, let it be any topic from food to tech from DIY to Profession Blog.

There’s nothing bad in thinking about Money, but it is wrong (in long term) to do just for money, Money will automatically follow you as you grow.

Who Should Blog?

There’s no criteria or age limit or something similar to that to blog anyone can blog if you know how to use computer and internet you can blog it’s as simple as that, whether you’re a student or office gong Professional.

Things to Remember while starting a blog!

Select the topic with what you’re familiar with and are comfortable to write that topic, (some say do some research or etc.) but according to me if you’re passionate about something you’ll automatically get the readers. But yes 1 thing is important is select the topic which you’ll be comfortable to read on the internet.

Select the niche of your topic as a niche of coderforevers.com is a student, aspiring programmers, and Bloggers. And considering your niche write on that topic which is relevant to them and they’ll enjoy reading it.

Suppose you have a food Blog and considering the audience decide who will be your niche, here your niche will be housewives, food enthusiast etc.

How to start Blogging

For starting Blog I differentiate there are 2 categories.

  1. Newbie Blogger
  2. Have some Knowledge of Blogging.

Newbie Blogger

If you’re a newbie and wanted to start blogging, directly paying for a self-hosted website I recommend starting with the free software like Blogger, or WordPress etc.

If you want to start blogging with Blogger here is how to start with Blogger.

If you want to start blogging with WordPress here is how to start with WordPress.

I’m suggesting these free blogs because as being new to the Blogging it’ll be good to have a practice of how to write a blog and what are things to remember while blogging and you can also share all the blogs with others too and can get the valuable suggestions.

The best way to do this is read a lot, learn what other Bloggers are doing.

Have some Knowledge of Blogging

If you have some knowledge about blogging or know how to write articles it’ll be good to start with the self-hosted website and I recommend using WordPress as your Platform.

This website is also running on WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Using WordPress really takes all the headache from the Users head so the user can concentrate on their quality content.

What after Starting Blog

Now from here, the real work starts of marketing your post or content you created, I’ll be posting in Depth about how to spread your content do subscribe to get this post directly in your inbox.

After nice 15-20 good posts and with constant web traffic, which will help you to grow (Remember: Blogging Needs Patients). Now don’t just jump to Monetizing your website now, first increase traffic on your website because More Visitors= More Page Views=Money.

Now considering you have a good amount of Traffic and some loyal customers or visitors you can think about monetizing your blog there are many ways to monetize your blogs maybe its Ads, affiliation, etc. I’ll be writing the new Post on How to Monetize a Blog in Detail.

Below is the Infographic for More and Better understanding, I suggest to save on Pinterest so that it’ll be helpful in future.

Why start Blog
source: marketingincolor.com


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