Simple Link Building Process

SIMPLE Link Building Process

Links are one of the most significant factors in Google’s rankings. If you have a lot of links, it’s easier to rank, if you have very few links, it’s tough to rank so here is our secret simple Link Building Process.

Simple Link Building Process with Automation

If you have tried link building before you must be knowing how hard it is, so here are few automated ways you can automate your link building process via the below methods which will boost your link building game.


If you’re on Linkedin, Dux-Soup will make it very easy to approach for link building, so it just visits a ton of people’s profiles within your space or related to a specific category, and as it views it, a lot of people will start creating then requests, trying to connect with you and as you connect with them you can use Dux-Soup to send automated mass messages.

When you’re building all of these connections, and you’re sending automated mass messages, especially to other people within your industry. You can send them messages to try to get links, and if you don’t get links, you can at least get social shares, passing these people to share your content on Linkedin, it’s a really super simple way to get more Linkedin traffic, ’cause as you get more Linkedin traffic and more social traffic, what happens? More people see your content.

The more people that see your content, the more likely you are to generate a link. And of course, I still prefer asking for a link directly but if you don’t want to do that, at least ask them for a social share on Linkedin.

Scrape Box

Scrape Box will scrape Google for all the relevant sites within your space. So let’s say you just created an infographic about web design, you can use Scrape Box to find all the websites that talk about web design, and then from there, you now have a list of sites that you could be doing outreach to, to generate some links.


Once you have a list of sites and domains to be going after, the third tip is using FindThatLead. When you use FindThatLead, it’ll tell you the contact information for all of those domains.

Because you don’t want to have to go in each one of those sites and manually find their email address, you want to do it automatically. FindThatLead will give you that information so that way you can start mass messaging people to build more links.

Mixmax or Mailshake

The last tip I have for you, and this comes to sending the email, it’s to use Mixmax or Mailshake and what this will allow you to do is mass mail all those people that you just got contact information for ’cause you already have their domain, so that was the second tip, you already have their contact information that was the third tip, and the last step is emailing all of those people, and you can do that using Mailshake or Mixmatch.

And the cool part about these tools is, that if someone doesn’t respond when you message them out, you can send follow up emails and schedule them if they didn’t respond and you can even set up autoresponders in sequences.

This makes it really simple so that way you’re engaging people with the least amount of human effort, and building the most amount of backlinks.

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