Puca Ecommerce Theme Review 2020

Puca Theme Review 2020

Before I started with Puca Ecommerce Theme Review ask yourself how many blogs you have read or how many themes you have tried? and still couldn’t find the great eCommerce Theme.

Now that you’re reading this blog that means it means that you’re interested in this so without you waiting any further here is the detail usage and Pro and cons of this them

Note: This Review Doesn’t contain any affiliate link so you can trust on our review.

Puca is one of the few Mobile Optimized WooCommerce Theme available to buy right now

Let’s first summaries this theme it’s eCommerce or WordPress theme for the WooCommerce website. If you’re looking for this theme to use for your blog website then it’s no use and I highly discourage using this theme only for the blog, you can use this theme for blogs on your eCommerce website but not for the standalone eCommerce website.

Here is the definitive list of the pro and cons of using this theme.


  • Nice Documentation
  • Quick Support
  • A lot of Customization
  • Super friendly for Non-Techie
  • Mobile-First Design
  • Support for Multi-vendor Plugins

Pre Build Pages, Menus, Footer and Widget which makes the work a lot easier for the developer.

Not just that you get a one-click Demo import option and there are 50+ demo websites for almost all the niche, just select your niche and click on import you’re good to go.

As this theme is Mobile Optimized WooCommerce Theme it gives you the look of an app and helps your website shand out and behaves like an app.

Great Documentation

This theme comes with the nice documentation with it and with is more than sufficient if you want to set up this theme, in that there is detail information about the installation of the theme and full setup.

You’ll find the index.html file for the documentation and which will be your documentation file.

Quick Support

I have used a lot of themes and found some great support and some were worst, and after using this theme and reaching out to support was super easy and resoled my doubt in just 1 ticket.

With that, they don’t just fix your website b also record all the things which they do and send you the YouTube link for that helps if you’re looking to customize in future and you have detail steps in the video and can customize it.

If you’re asking them or raising any issue, then rest assured they will solve that issue not in days but sometimes in just a few hrs.

Good Customization

You get a lot of options for customization and a combination of some of the great headers and footers and just that you can also create no header and footers with just a few clicks and all of this is possible thanks to the combination of the theme features and WP Bakery Editor.

Non-Techie Friendly

If you don’t know much about the how things work behind the seen yo don’t have to worry about that you can simply follow the documentation guide and install this theme, granted you know English 😉

Still, if you’re confused about the setup you can try our free blog setup service for FREE. Or read it and DIY.

Mobile-first Design

As all our business is shifting to mobile phones it’s important to be the mobile-friendly website and if the website is mobile-first then it’s great.

Puca theme make’s it real and what it brings to the user is a fantastic App looking website with great functionalities.

If this is combined with the Super Progressive Web App then you can have your app on almost everyone’s phone without even creating one.

Support for Multi-Vendor Plugin

Puca theme supports all the major Multi-Vendor Plugins like Dokan, not just that they support but help you if you face any issues.


There is not much as a con but few things which I faced which can be tackled by using the plugin or by adding some code snippets.

  • Sometimes Feels Slow
  • Over Whelming

Occasional Slowness

Sometimes the website feels slow can be solved by choosing a good hosting plan.

Sometimes the website feels slow with features comes to a lot of slowness as there are a lot of CSS and JavaScript Files and which sometimes bottleneck the website loading time, but the developers have taken care of this too, it fastens the website load time but this is not enough for the ranking you have to minify the CSS/JavaScript by yourself.

If you’ll be using this theme just for the blogs, it’s a very bad decision to choose this theme for the blog.

Over Whelming

Users who are new can get overwhelmed by so many features provided by this theme though technically this is not a con though.


You cannot go wrong with this theme for the eCommerce website, but if you’re looking just for the blog this theme is not for you.



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