What I Do Around Here

We produce a lot of content on WordPress, eCommerce, content marketing, writing, monetizing and blogging. Our blog is filled with tutorials and post.

And to be totally transparent, this is our biz. We do design, website maintenance services. It’s just all about teaching you. We monetize ourselves through limited advertising and those moments when you click on an affiliate link.

I love pushing out the tons of content here.

One more thing

I actually do have a life outside of WordPress. Here are a few things you might not know about me:

I love any movie that Christopher Nolan produces, from Inception to The Prestige.

Most people don’t believe I’m an introvert at heart. I remember my stomach gets tied up in a double knot at the thought of speaking to even 10 people.

I can never get enough of Breaking Bad.

I’m still on road to entrepreneurship and trying new thing some get success and some failed miserably(Most of them). But that’s the fun in trying and failing and again trying.

I’ll choose a good mystery or horror novel over any of today’s TV shows.

I believe the amount of liquid in a glass has nothing to do with anything but thirst.

I’m a huge fan of old classic Music especially by Kishor, particularly ones with Humphrey Beatles, Maroon 5, Arjit Singh, Aatif, Sanam and Mohit Chauhan to name just a few.

I’m addicted to Sci-fi movies.

And yes, I am an optimistic fool.